Edu Problem

Data may just be the "new oil."

If you're talking about petroleum, we're not sure.  However, data literacy is the new (reading) literacy.  Being deft with analytics requires both knowledge of data manipulation and the application of it to derive insights, make decisions and generate new ways of doing things.

Training in analytics is too focused on tools and. . . data.  Analytics concepts need to be immediately applied for people to both learn and retain them.  In the field, training too often rely on certificates and course completions that remain unapplied.

JiT Solution

Teach analytics right when people need it, so it is immediately applied.  This way, concepts are retained and re-applied over and over again.  Practice and repetition is the mother of skill.

The analytics training at JiT Campus is obnoxiously "hands on."  As with all our training, everything is structured as immediately usable 10-minute lessons, often only taking a few minutes.  Most people just need a template inside a tool once they know the basics of a tool.  We decompose analytics software into "point of need" lessons like little lego pieces.