Edu Problem

There's never enough programmers, so the best managers and specialists know enough programming to get common requests done.  Even accessing data these days require a beginner level of programming, e.g. SQL.

We observe that the #1 obstacle of learning programming is fear.  It's the typical fear of looking stupid, but there's also the fear of overwhelming complexity.  Programming is often construed as a very difficult skill for "smart" people, and if you are not smart, people often believe that learning programming takes months of brain wracking work.



JiT Solution

Show how much a person can get done with the most basic 20% of a programming language.


This is the 80/20 rule of business, and it's true in programming.  80% of tasks can be done knowing only 20% of the programming language.


JiT Campus breaks down all the tasks one can do with 20% of a programming language.  As always, we get people to practice "hands on" as soon as they are in front of their computer--or even their phone.  Also, each new learning is centered around accomplishing a set of common tasks for that person's role.