Tech Management


Edu Problem

It seems as though every industry talks about digital transformation.


Besides introducing technology, digital transformation necessitates an entire re-trained workforce up and down the ladder.  One of the most difficult aspects to re-train is how people do things, and that starts with management, especially middle managers.

With a business to run and natural resistance to change, who has time and energy to go through the necessary training?

JiT Solution

Empower managers when they need it.


Instead of asking, or even demanding, people to quickly learn through week long "bootcamps" or unengaging 8-hour online courses, provide them 10-minute lessons right when they need it.

This is our philosophy to training people effectively by valuing their time.  Our lessons are accessed "just in time" and focus on getting a specific task done within the context of being a manager within an organization striving for digital transformation.