Travis Chow

I specialize in teaching "difficult tech stuff" to "business people" such as managers and marketers. Topics include analytics, data programming, product mgmt, agile project mgmt, business intelligence, Excel and other crucial analytical software.

I have spent over 20 years teaching technology to managers both formally and informally. I love teaching or mentoring people in getting up to speed with digital transformation.

Most recently, I have been a product management executive and digital transformation consultant to other executives. My first job was building and designing Excel formulas and VBA at Microsoft. I am a seasoned tech veteran who have since held management and executive positions in Silicon Valley, Austin and other international tech hubs. 

I co-founded my first company at age 22 and have since participated in six successful exits as tech entrepreneur, investor and employee. The previous company I sold was for data analytics. I hold a masters degree in Computer Science and studied Financial Mathematics as well as a MBA.